Quran Memorization and Tajweed Rulings Course

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About Course

The Quran Memorisation and Tajweed Course is an immersive journey that combines the sacred art of memorizing the Quran with the mastery of Tajweed principles. This comprehensive course is tailored to guide participants through the spiritual and technical aspects of memorizing the Quran while ensuring the proper pronunciation and recitation according to Tajweed rules.

What you’ll learn:

  • Memorisation: You will be guided in the process of Quran memorisation, starting from small chapters and gradually advancing to longer chapters.
  • Tajweed Rules: You will learn the rules of Tajweed, including proper pronunciation of Arabic letters and sounds, elongation, and the characteristics of various letters.
  • The Art of Melodious Recitation: Understanding the concept of melodious recitation, techniques for developing a pleasant and appealing recitation style and analysis of renowned Qaris’ recitations as inspiration.
  • Quranic Understanding and Context: You will learn the importance of understanding the meanings and context of memorized verses with an introduction to basic Tafsir concepts.
  • Practical Exercises: Regular practical exercises will reinforce your understanding and enable you to practice applying the rules of Tajweed to reciting the Quran accurately.
  • Recitation Practice: Regular recitation sessions will be conducted to help you improve your fluency, develop a melodious recitation, and gain confidence in reading the Quran.
  • Individual Attention: You will receive individual attention and feedback to ensure personalised guidance and progress.


By the end of the course, you will have developed fluency and clarity in reciting the Quran. You will be able to apply the rules of Tajweed with proper articulation and rhythm. Most importantly, you will gain a deeper understanding of and connection to the Quran. Join us on this transformative path of Quranic mastery by booking your free trial today.