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About Course

This comprehensive course bridges centuries of tradition with the digital age. Under the mentorship of our experienced Tulbee tutors, you’ll work towards achieving the esteemed, Globally recognised, Ijazah certificate that will stand as a testament to your dedication and expertise.

What you’ll learn:

Ijazah Foundations: Understanding the legacy of the Ijazah certification and its role in preserving Quranic authenticity, as well as the ethical and spiritual responsibilities tied to Ijazah.

Quranic Memorisation:  Mastering the art of memorising the entire Quran.

Tajweed: Delving into advanced Tajweed rules and their application, in-depth study of Makharij and their influence on correct pronunciation.

Contextual Grasp: Translating, analysing and interpreting Quranic verses in-depth to understand their meanings within the broader context of Islamic Studies and tafsir.

Ijazah Assessment: Undergoing a comprehensive final assessment to showcase your mastery and attain the prestigious Ijazah certification.

This course is for you if you’re looking to foster a lifelong connection with the Quran and connect to the rich legacy of scholars who have passed down knowledge for generations. This esteemed certification not only showcases your commitment to learning but also empowers you to carry forward the tradition of preserving and transmitting Islamic wisdom. With an Ijazah certificate in hand, you gain recognition as a qualified authority in your chosen area of study, equipping you to contribute meaningfully to discussions, teach others, and uphold the authenticity of Islamic teachings in the modern world.

Take advantage of our free three lesson free trial by booking today.