Islamic Studies Course – Hadeeth, Tafseer, Fiqh and Aqidah

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About Course

Embark on a transformative journey with our Islamic Studies course, where ancient wisdom meets modern understanding. Explore the core tenets of Islam, from Quranic teachings to jurisprudence, guided by expert scholars. During the course, you will explore the key concepts, methodologies, and principles of a range of disciplines and gain a deeper understanding of their significance in Islamic scholarship and practice.

What you’ll learn:


  • You will have the opportunity to study the Prophetic traditions, their collections, classifications, and authentication methods.
  • You will learn the importance of Hadeeth, its role in understanding and implementing the teachings of Islam, and the principles of analysing and deriving rulings from authentic Prophetic narrations.


  • A comprehensive exploration of the major Tafsir works, exegesis, methodology and significance.
  • Understanding Quranic sciences, Arabic language and Quranic history.
  • Gaining a deeper understanding of the Divine message and its relevance to everyday life.


  • An examination of Islamic law, its sources and interpretations.
  • You will learn about various aspects of Fiqh, with special focus on the five pillars of Islam which will enable you to understand and apply Islamic teachings in daily life.


  • An exploration of the fundamental beliefs and creed of Islam.
  • You will study key theological concepts, such as the oneness of Allah, the prophets, divine decree, the day of judgment and more.
  • You will gain a comprehensive understanding of Islamic creed and the importance of having sound beliefs in shaping one’s worship and conduct.


Throughout the course, you will engage in class discussions, case studies, and practical applications to deepen understanding of these disciplines and their relevance in contemporary society. You will gain profound insights into the spiritual, moral, and historical foundations of Islam while fostering critical thinking and ethical awareness. To elevate your understanding of Islam, book a free trial today.