Noor Al Bayan or Noorani Qaida Course

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About Course

Our Noor Al Bayan or Noorani Qaida course is a comprehensive beginner’s guide designed to facilitate the initial steps of learning Quranic Arabic script and pronunciation. This course offers a structured approach to help you grasp the fundamentals of reading and reciting Quranic text accurately.

What you’ll learn:

  • Arabic Alphabet Mastery: From recognizing individual letter forms to understanding their various shapes, you’ll lay a solid foundation in Arabic script.
  • Vowelization: Explore short vowels (Harakat) and their impact on pronunciation, as well as Sukoon and Tanween for accurate word rendering.
  • Long Vowels (Madd): Discover the art of long vowel sounds and their application to create harmonious and authentic recitations.
  • Qalqalah Letters: Uncover the secrets of Qalqalah letters, adding depth and resonance to your recitation.
  • Tajweed Essentials: Learn the art of seamlessly joining letters (Tajweed).
  • Practical Application: Transform theory into practice as you tackle Quranic words and simple sentences, gaining real-world proficiency.
  • Comprehensive Assessment: Put your newfound skills to the test with a comprehensive assessment, celebrating your journey towards mastery, and receive a Tulbee certificate at the end.


By the end of this course, you will have a strong foundation in Arabic reading, allowing you to confidently recite the Quran, as well as preparing you for further Quranic studies. Book a free trial now and start your transformative journey of Quranic learning.