Tulbee In-Depth Arabic Grammar Course

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About Course

Looking to take your Arabic language skills to the next level? The Tulbee In-Depth Arabic Grammar Course offers a comprehensive understanding of Arabic grammar for beginners and advanced learners alike. With interactive lessons and practice exercises, this course is perfect for students, professionals, and anyone passionate about the Arabic language.

What you’ll learn:

Arabic grammar:

  • Arabic alphabet and pronunciation
  • Basic sentence structure in Arabic
  • Essential Arabic vocabulary

Nouns and Adjectives:

  • Singular and plural forms of nouns
  • Gender agreement in Arabic
  • Adjective placement and agreement

Verbs and Tenses:

  • Verb conjugation in different tenses
  • Past, present, and future verb forms
  • Irregular verb forms and exceptions

Sentence Construction:

  • Sentence order and word arrangement
  • Connecting words and phrases
  • Complex sentence structures

Pronouns and Prepositions:

  • Personal pronouns and possessive pronouns
  • Demonstrative pronouns and interrogative pronouns
  • Common prepositions and their usage

Advanced Grammar Concepts:

  • Conditional sentences and hypothetical situations
  • Passive voice and active voice in Arabic
  • Subjunctive mood and its usage


By the  end  of this  course you will understand the intricacies of Arabic grammar and learn how to effectively apply grammar rules in your spoken and written Arabic. Book a free trial today and start your journey towards becoming a fluent Arabic speaker.